Our Gaming Agency brand Gaming in Turkey‘s client, Perdigital wanted to create digital entertainment hub idea. (Video Content) It needed to contain different products to reach different customers. Perdigital targeting all solutions in one web service for customers. If they want to listen to music, they can buy from Perdigital, if they want to play games, they can reach cash contents from Perdigital, if they want to watch matches, they can buy from Perdigital and watch. With this idea, we created them a strategy. If they wanted to be a digital hub, they need to create a good and trackable content. That means; game video content.

With this strategy, we prepared several game videos from different games. Some of the content videos for a gameplay, some of them shows nice tactics to be a good player and some of them are only for advertisement of games. After we create videos, we also share these content on Perdigital’s Facebook page. We want to take feedbacks from followers and prepare more content game videos for them to reach maximize their attention.

The best content is normally user-generated content. (game video content) With this objective, first, we are creating Perdigital’s own and unique gameplay contents. After this, the second phase will come. User-generated videos. We will give a topic and let players take videos from games. They will send us their content and we will make a competition for them. Who wins the competition, will also win rewards of that competition. This kind of user-generated content also will boost Perdigital’s digital hub idea.

Perdigital is generating new contents for customer interest. The objective is clear, being a digital hub. Gaming in Turkey is creating ideas and supporting Perdigital to reach its target with the fastest way. Ingame videos, game trailers, user-generated game contents are very important. With these in-game contents and video content, Perdigital also needs introduction videos on its web page and products like Direct Transfer, Epin, Match Codes and etc.

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